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Insurance Disputes

Insurance companies are powerful. Individuals and corporations have been paying them premiums for years in exchange for the “peace of mind” that comes from knowing they will be there when you need them, after an accident, after a hurricane, following a disability, or even after a death in the family. When something unexpected occurs, consumers expect the claims adjuster to be professional and friendly as they promptly resolve their claim. After all, they are in a time of need. Your insurance company may not have followed the rules and laws established to protect you from this unfortunate situation. After speaking with us, a claim that has once been denied, may be covered after all.

Sadly, our firm is kept extremely busy helping consumers in Central Florida recover from their own insurance company. It seems that once the insurance company has your money, they don’t like to part with it, even if there is little doubt as to the validity of your claim.

Most people just walk away, afraid to make a claim or upset their insurance carrier. They accept the “low ball” offer or believe they did something wrong when applying for the coverage. YOU DON’T HAVE TO GIVE UP! In most instances, your insurance carrier can not cancel your coverage simply because you made a claim on the policy. In addition, your carrier may not raise your rates when you are not at fault for the accident.

Normally you could not afford to hire an attorney to work with you to get what you deserve from the insurance company. However, Florida law allows you to recover reasonable attorneys’ fees and your litigation costs from the insurance company when you recover a judgement in your favor. Therefore, it costs you NOTHING to pursue the proper amount for your claim or challenge the insurance company’s decision to deny your claim or coverage.

The insurance companies want to make as much money as possible each and every year they are in business. The less they pay you on your claim, the more they pocket for themselves. Some insurance companies offer compensation or profit sharing based on the amount they save on your claim.