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Property Damage

The experienced insurance coverage lawyers at The Coury Law Firm will help you receive the full benefits you deserve when you have a property damage claim. Whether or not your losses relate to property damage from a hurricane or damage sustained to your automobile in an accident, we want to make sure you don’t suffer any further losses after your claim is processed.

From the insurance company point of view, they want to make as much money as they can every year to please the owners or stockholders. The best way for insurance companies to save money is to deny claims or reduce the amount they payout on those claims.

Our firm can help you make sure you recover all that you are entitled to recover under the policy of insurance you purchased before the loss took place. The language of an insurance policy is often confusing. Our attorneys can answer your insurance coverage questions so that you can make sure your loss is covered before a dispute with your insurance company arises.

Once an insurance carrier advises you there is coverage, they typically deny your claim or a portion thereof. If your claim is disputed or denied, we help ensure that your insurance policy is interpreted correctly so that you get everything you are entitled to receive.

Understanding the “game” of insurance is important. It may be just a few thousand dollars to you, but the stakes are much higher for an insurance company. Perhaps millions of dollars can hang on the importance of a key word or phrase in an insurance policy, as there are millions of people covered under the same type of policy language. Accurate interpretation of an insurance policy is essential to collect the insurance proceeds to which you are entitled. Our attorneys have extensive experience in untangling the knots contained within insurance policies and compelling the insurance companies to fulfill their obligations.

Our firm has a combined total of over 30 years of legal practice and we are willing and able to assist you with your insurance claims.

With our free consultation, it is easier than ever to recover the full amount of your claim without incurring legal fees and litigation costs. There is simply no reason not to call us for help when you feel you are not being treated fairly by the insurance company or adjuster handling your claim.